About us

Powell Engineering, Inc.

Machine design Specialists

Founded in 1983 as an engineering machinery design company, Powell Engineering, Inc. quickly found itself manufacturing machinery in what was then limited to the paper converting industry. The now nearly ever present model EP shaftless unwind was introduced in 1991. Since then we have introduced many models and variations, each one also versatile when it comes special problem solving configurations. Today we serve any market in which base materials are supplied in master roll format.

We have made our machines as simple and as reliable as possible, both traits that our loyal customers have come to expect.

Diverse and adaptable

Filling the needs of many industrial applications

Products we have been involved with range in size from disposable single use cups to industrial landscaping and infrastructure fabrics.

The product range we serve is as simple as a paper plate and unique as flexible electronics. It is our estimation that every American uses products daily that our machines have some involvement in producing.

Having been involved in the ins and outs of thousands of web handling applications we stand ready to handle the special challenges your material or unique situation presents.

Solving Problems

More than just unwind machines

While shaftless unwind machines have been our primary focus, we also manufacture core chucks, dancer and splice table assemblies, roll carts and other special problem-solving peripherals