We are pleased to announce a strategic alliance between Powell Engineering, Inc. and MTorres. Our alliance aims to leverage the expertise, resources and innovation of both companies to deliver a full range of solutions in the market segments we serve. The combined comprehensive machinery portfolio is set to expand options and solutions for North American customers. We meet your needs with offerings from basic unwinding equipment and up the ladder of technology to include the latest designs of automatic splicing, roll handling and more. Likewise, our rewinding options range from the simple motorized shaftless frame to fully automatic turreted center driven rewind and surface driven rewind options.

With our shared commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction we are excited to share the news of our new project.


Shaftless Unwind Machines

Powell Engineering, Inc.’s shaftless unwind machines are custom configured around standard designs to match the customer’s needs and specific run profile. The machines are mated to new equipment as well as retrofit applications. Our shaftless unwind stands are designed to increase production while improving worker safety. The Models EP, EP Junior, MS2MA and XH utilize the exclusive Eccentric Pivot™ floor pickup design. Our side loading designs include the models DU and HDU.

Many options and variations of the base designs are available. Over the years special needs have required many special variants and in most cases we are already prepared to meet unusual requests.

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